Fish Trick

Fish trick is another sculptural essay on the expression of motion in a static object. In this case the motion is of a porpoise jumping out of the water; but it is also a treatise on freedon since it captures the precise moment whenthe creature breaks free from its natural environment and begs thequestion:why do whales breach?
This piece also continues my theories on the conceptual continuity of a three dimensional object where every view in 360 degress must be as good as the next.
Conversely, if one angle fails then the whole piece fails. It is difficult to measure and is obviously subjective in nature but I believe that creating a free standing piece with full conceptual continuity is exponentially more difficult that creating a piecethat is viewed on a base with a formal front, back, and sides.
This piece also continues my experiments in matching materials to subject matter. While it would have been much easier to simply prime and paint the piece ocean gray; I felt that the natural look of satin smooth aluminum was a better choice for an aquatic creature even though it meant the weldingneeded to be perfect in a piece that is 100% metal. Photographing an object that is meant to be experienced in the round is also exceptionally difficult. The decision was made to create a composition with multiple views using a variety of lighting angles in a blue background.